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Mtwenty7 is delighted to have The Friendly Society Trust (The Friendlies) as our pro bono client. We’re especially proud of our involvement in the Oct 2020 launch of the “#Every day is a Playday for All” campaign aimed at empowering underprivileged children, through giving them a peace of mind to be happy when they have the provisions of basic needs namely food, shelter, education, healthcare and clothes met. We know a lot of children that are not as “happy” as every child ought to be because they lack a lot. 


  • Pro bono

This campaign works towards addressing the fairly concerning statistics that Epworth, Hopley and Gutu have the poverty prevalence rate of 64.5%, 60.06% and 66.8% respectively. With The Friendlies focus being children, we understand that a child can only be happy when the minimum survival provisions are made available and we strive to make sure that we help avail those to the children in the above mentioned communities we work in. 

Reaching out to the children with these minimum provisions at a time in their lives when mental and physical wellbeing are crucial, does not only make them happy but will also play a pivotal role in helping them develop into productive members of their communities.

Campaign concept & strategy by Mtwenty7 in collaboration with the inspirational Tatenda Makanda at The Friendly Society Trust. Editing and art direction by the Mtwenty7 creative team.


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